Spacegeek is a 5-min column on space and society, linking science and culture through themes relating to the cosmos. Spacegeek is written, produced and hosted by doctor-P alias Dr. Jean-Marc Perelmuter, an astrophysicist.
If you are a producer, a content developper or an agent and are interested in developping this or a similar show, you can reach him through his contact page.


This show is shot in a garage, produced on a PC using Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Quicktime PRO and On2 Flix.
The Quicktime codec used is H.264, the data rate is restricted to 400-500 kbps with 30 fps.

I have wrestled with many flash softs and found On2 Flix to be the only one that rivaled QT because it combines good quality and compression near - though not as good as - QT. I decided to use Flash because Andrew Baron of Rocketboom convinced me it was important to provide this choice.


To place science at the service of humanity and not vice versa.

Dr. Jean-Marc Perelmuter

Dr. J.-M. Perelmuter most recently taught physics at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. He has done research in cosmology and astrophysics, publishing on topics such as the expansion of the Universe and the formation of galaxies (e.g. cosmoI | cosmoII | cosmoIII | astroI | astroII).

As a post-doc he discovered the star that exploded into supernova SN1993J, and worked at the Universite de Montreal, in Quebec. He received his B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from Beloit College and went on to receive his Ph.D. in astrophysics from the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Perelmuter (aka Doctor P) lives in Victoria where he is developping video/tv content. He published THE SINUSOIDAL SPAGHETTI, a novel that mixes science, psychology and sci-fi based on anecdotes when he worked at the Hubble Space Telescope and Johns Hopkins University. He is now working on a book on the relationship between religion and science.

He can be reached through his contact page.

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